GluteBand - Hip Thrust Belt


Make Your Usual Hip Thrust Routine More Challenging And Effective!

Effortlessly work on your glutes with the help of our premium GluteBand. There's no need to rely on uncomfy barbells just to get the gains that you want.

This amazing GluteBand enables you to do your hip thrusts wherever and whenever. All you need to do is to equip it with weights to make the workout more challenging.

Key Benefits

Hassle-Free Workout - Do effective hip thrust exercises without having to use a large and bulky barbell. Simply strap on the trusty GluteBand to eliminate the stress and discomfort that barbells bring to your glute workout.

Easy Set Up - Our premium GluteBand comes in three detachable parts and a long band to fit every body type. Securely strap the GluteBand around your waist, load it up with weights, and you're good to go.

Durable Build - The GluteBand is made with heavy-duty materials that won't easily rip or tear even with frequent use. This way, you can freely load it up with your desired weights for a more effective workout.


Versatile Use - This amazing GluteBand is a great addition to any workout routine. You can make your hip thrusts, glute bridges, lunges, dips, squats, and more far more challenging than usual.